The number of families at risk of homelessness has almost doubled in the Maldon district.

Concerns have been raised about a shortage of homes, teachers and doctors in the district.

According to the latest figures 32 families needed temporary accommodation in 2012/13 but this rose to 59 in 2015/16 and is still rising.

In a report, which was set to go before the council’s overview and scrutiny committee tonight, it was revealed the housing crisis across the country was contributing to the problem.

In the report Paul Gayler, strategic housing manager for the council, said: “At a time when there is a housing crisis and recognition by the Government the broader housing market is ‘broken’, the impact of this will be felt by a wide range of people within the district and further afield as an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of the current housing problems faced by many.”

A spokesman for the council added: “Over the last few years the council has seen a gradual increase in the number of people seeking help with housing.

“During this period there has also been a reduction in the proportion the council has been able to prevent from becoming homeless, mainly due to the growing number who are no longer able to afford to buy or rent a home on the open market as housing costs have increased.

“This inevitably has placed even greater pressure on the need for affordable housing.

"Unfortunately this has resulted in an increase in the number of families the council has needed to place in temporary accommodation including B&B.

“The council is working hard to increase the supply of affordable homes and also do what it can to prevent homelessness.”