A HOUSEBOAT left flooded and lying on its side for months is up for sale, again.

The Llys Helig, left lying on its side in the River Crouch since March last year after a fresh water tap leak, looked as though its future could improve when it was sold for £19,000 in December.

It was due to be moved to a mooring in Bridge Marina near Althorne.

However, owner Steve Dabson has now re-listed the boat on the online auction site eBay once again.

It is understood from the description of the boat that the previous buyer had pulled out after realising how big the boat is.

The boat’s auction is set to last until Sunday. It has already received more than 75 bids which have topped £10,000.

Burnham residents and town councillors have previously criticised the lack of action taken over the boat, saying it is an “eyesore” and off-putting to visitors.

With the news of another sale falling through, the boat has drawn fresh criticisms.

Louise Stevenson, who visits the quay often, said: “It seems to be a never-ending saga and the boat could never get moved.

“It’s such a shame, the quay is one of the most attractive parts of Burnham and this boat lying on its side for so long sticks out like a sore thumb.”

Engineer John Lannigan, who visited Burnham for a job, was baffled at how long the boat has been in its collapsed state.

He said: “I am scratching my head as to why it’s deemed so expensive to move, and why it hasn’t been moved before.

“I come from a heavy engineering background, and moved lumps bigger than this, but it seems the powers that be in this chain want a nice slice of the pie before they will allow things to progress.

“Even without looking at the boat, I would daresay I could pop down, make a few phone calls and have the boat floating for a couple of thousand.”

Steve Dabson and Maldon District Council were contacted but did not wish to comment.