A REVIEW of a council’s decision to refuse plans to bring back a public swimming lake in Promenade Park will be held.

Maldon District Council voted in November to refuse a 4,000 signature petition to reinstate the swimming lake in the park, which has been closed to the public since 2002 when 45-year-old Kevin Gay died after he hit his head on a submerged post when diving into the lake.

Council members raised concerns about safety, the hygiene, the cost, and legal liability of the plans.

However, campaigners Marie Ellis and Lisa Cullumbine were not satisfied the plans had been given a fair hearing, lodging a formal complaint with the council.

The council’s decision is set to be reviewed by its overview and scrutiny committee on Wednesday.

The petition committee’s complaints included their view that the council had not read information they provided, that councillors were given more than half of their allotted time arguing against the petition, that more deaths had occurred at indoor pools such as Blackwater Leisure Centre than the one death at the lake, and that the pros and cons of reinstating the lake had not been given enough time to be properly considered.

In the agenda that will go before members at the meeting on Wednesday night, council officers stated that each matter raised had been dealt with properly and did not believe further scrutiny was needed.

The committee could choose to agree with the officers’ report, or disagree and vote to allow the petition to be considered again at a full council meeting.

Richard Holmes, director of customers and community at the council, said: “The organisers submitted a seven point letter stating their reasons for seeking a review which the council’s overview and scrutiny committee will consider.

“For each point raised by the organisers officers have given an opinion as to whether there was a failing in the process when considering the original petition. Members will take officers views along with the petition organisers into account when undertaking the review.”