COMPLAINTS about cleanliness and the facilities at Blackwater Leisure Centre will be investigated.

Maldon District Council, and its leisure service contractor Places For People, acknowledged criticism on social media during the festive season and said concerns will be addressed and dealt with.

A spokesman said: “The council and its leisure service contractor Places for People regularly reviews all customer feedback to see where improvements in the service can be made.

“We are aware of a number of less positive comments made on social media over the Christmas period and we will be working with Places for People to address any concerns.”

Margaret Hall, a pensioner from Mundon, claimed the changing room and shower facilities on the poolside are inadequate for the number of people who use them.

She said: “There have been huge changes and upgrades for the gym equipment, which I understand if it makes money and is popular.

“But it seems the swimming facilities have taken a downward step.

“I and other women who swim there very regularly often have to put up with the showers being very cold, plus there is only five of them. This is a very low number for a pool that caters for so many different primary and secondary schools.

“As you have many children learning to swim there, you have their parents helping them out in the changing areas, so the floor gets considerably dirty.

“It’s a lovely centre, the people there are really nice and the staff work hard, but some areas let it down.”

Blackwater Leisure Centre, off Park Drive, had a £1.5 million refurbishment in 2015 to upgrade facilities.