A LAND Rover driver has branded rules at a recycling centre as “total madness” after he was refused entry to the site days after winning an appeal over using the tip.

Steve Gallant, of Althorne, was told he could use Burnham Recycling Centre in his vehicle, but has since been turned away from the site again.

Rules introduced back in October 2016 banned vans, pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles from dropping off waste at the site in Springfield Road, but not Land Rovers.

Mr Gallant was told that he would not be able to drop off waste using his Land Rover, Mr Gallant said days earlier Veolia told him he had won his appeal against a ruling stopping him from using the site.

He said: “Following the normal checks I was delighted to be given clearance to use the Burnham site once again. However I have now been informed by site personnel that although the waste I wish to dispose of is of a non-commercial nature, the use of my Land Rover is not permitted under the current rules, so once again I am back to square one.

“This is total madness. My Land Rover is privately owned and is not a commercial vehicle or used for any commercial activity. It felt like I was being penalised because of the vehicle I was driving.”“I pay for this service through my community charge, but I am being denied access to the service because of my choice of vehicle.”

Mr Gallant was told that he could still use his Land Rover if he took his rubbish to the centre in Maldon.

He added: “Why would I want to do that when there is a perfectly good facility in Burnham. It is a waste of fuel, a waste of time and waste of energy. It is crazy.”

“The other is that they have said if my Land Rover had a glass or solid back rather than canvas, that would be acceptable.”

“How does that work? The whole thing is just dripping with idiocy.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council said: “These changes, which came into effect in October 2016 at some of our smaller recycling centres, were publicised and residents were made aware of the sites affected well in advance.

“Residents who wish to use vans or pick-up trucks, including commercial-bodied Land Rovers, to dispose of their own household waste are still able to access the larger recycling sites, such as the site in Maldon.

"These changes have vastly improved the service for the majority of local residents and have allowed our smaller centres to operate more efficiently, reducing queuing times and site closures for the emptying of skips.”