A FAMILY are living a nightmare as communications companies refuse to take action over their downed telegraph pole.

Robin Woosley, of Tudwick Road, Tolleshunt Major, has been living without internet and a phone line for more than a month since a telegraph pole was knocked over in his road.

A vehicle crashed into the pole on October 8, taking down the communication wires for Mr Woosley’s home.

Since then he has contacted BT and Talk Talk to try and get the problem fixed, but nothing has been done.

He said: “It is a nightmare. My mother in law relies on us. She lives on her own so if ever anything were to happen we are the people she would contact, but there is no way for to that at the moment. What if she were to have a fall?”

The lack of response from BT and Talk Talk has caused frustration for Mr Woosley, who, due to his rural location, also struggles to get mobile phone signal.

He added: “No one seems to want to take responsibility for it. We have contacted BT, we have contacted Open Reach, we have contacted Talk Talk, but nothing has been done.

“It has been more than a month and we are still without a phone line, still without internet, and we can barely get any mobile signal. We are basically shut off. They sent out some surveyors to take a look soon after it happened.

“They sprayed the road to show what work needed to be done, but here we are in November, and nothing has. The spray is still on the road.”

A spokesman Talk Talk said: “We understand that Mr Woosley’s services are being affected by a telephone pole which was knocked down outside his house. The pole is owned and managed by BT Openreach and we have asked them to repair it as quickly as possible.”

BT Openreach said a temporary solution had been found.