A MALDON couple have written a song in memory of a relative who died aged just 19 during the First World War.

Suki Swindale, and partner Carol Bonard, of Beeleigh Gardens, Maldon, are releasing the song in tribute to Suki’s great uncle Raymond to coincide with Armistice Day.

She found out about Raymond following her mother’s death in 2008.

While cleaning out her attic, Suki came across papers, postcards and letters from her grandfather to her grandmother sent during his time at war, including some relating to his brother Raymond.

Suki said: “We were always aware that we had a great uncle who died in the war, but we didn’t know much about him.

“My grandfather died before I was born, so there was no one with first-hand knowledge who I could go to about him.We found this paperwork though, and it told a really sad story.”

Pte Raymond Goulding was 19 when he joined the Royal W Kent Regiment to fight in the war in 1915.

He died on his first day in battle at Loos on September 26 1915.

Raymond’s mother received no news of her son for almost a year.

Two days short of the anniversary of his presumed death, a regimental memorial card was sent pronouncing Raymond missing, supposed killed.

Suki added: “I also have a scroll commemorating Raymond which ends – ‘Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten’.

“That inspired me to write the song, and we perform it very much with this intention.

“I had never written a song before, but the pain that Raymond’s mother would have felt really struck me.”

Lance Corporal G3681 by Carol and Suki originals, is available to download through iTunes.