An investigation has been launched after spectators at a popular bonfire night display claimed they were hit by a firework.

St Mary’s Church hosts the popular annual Great Burnham Bonfire every year.

This year more than a thousand people attended the free event which see spectators bring their own fireworks.

But after Saturday’s event, posts began to circulate on social media saying families watching the display near a hedge had been hit by a misfiring explosive with one suffering burns.

Maldon District Council is now investigating after receiving a complaint.

Father Mark North claimed nothing had been reported to the organisers on the night.

He said: “We are aware a post has been circulating on social media. Unfortunately nobody sought First Aid or made us aware on the evening which would have helped us ensure they were okay and investigate what happened.

“One part of a firework did, for some reason, go towards a hedge although the rest of that firework, which had several elements to it, functioned as per its instruction.

“We follow guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive, the council and the emergency services.

“A detailed risk assessment is completed before the event to minimise the risks to both volunteers and visitors. But fireworks are dangerous and so any firework display involves an element of risk.

“This is why we would urge everyone who attends the event, which is free of charge, to watch from a specific area and to let us know if something does not go to plan or they suffer an injury, however minor.

He added: “We have a designated area for people who attend, but we are required to make sure we have enough space for the display as no - body wants fireworks going into a road.”

Father North said the event had been a success with more than a thousand people turning up on the night.

A spokesman for Maldon District Council said: “The council has received a complaint in relation to this firework display and the council’s officer for health and safety is investigating.”