A HOUSEBOAT which collapsed at Burnham Quay has yet to be cleared more than seven months later.

The Llys Helig supports gave out in March this year meaning the boat collapsed onto its right hand side.

The boat has remained that way ever since, with salvage from the wreak floating into the River Crouch at high tides.

The houseboat had previously been described as an “eyesore” by residents and that it could turn the town “into a laughing stock”.

Maldon District Council has been working with the Crouch Harbour Authority to remove the boat.

However, nearly eight months down the line, no progress has been made.

The issue has been included on the agenda for several full council meetings in the last couple of months. However on each occasion the council have excluded the public and discussed the matter in private.

Richard Holmes, director for community and customers at the council, said: “The council continues to make progress in dealing with the Llys Helig and is committed to ensuring that appropriate recovery or salvage works are undertaken.

“However, this is a complex matter and due to ongoing legal considerations, the council is not able to comment further at this time.”