A COUNCIL has reinforced its desire to see a new power station delivered at Bradwell.

A power station at the Bradwell B site remains a “long term goal” for Maldon District Council according to the new leader of the council.

Councillor Mark Durham gave his first leader’s speech at a meeting of the full council last Thursday, and focused on a range of issue including Bradwell B.

Councillor Durham spoke about the council’s commitment to Bradwell B and the benefits the site would bring to the district as a whole.

He said: “During this year we will agree a vision for, and develop a planning performance agreement to maximise the benefits arising from the development of a new nuclear power station at Bradwell.

“The opportunity for a new power station remains a long term goal for our council. I have seen at first hand the construction site at Hinkley Point and the very significant local community benefit projects that have been derived from this development.

“We are in the process of meeting our Chinese partners, who will be the majority shareholders of Bradwell B to discuss opportunities.

“We must be proactive in engaging with the Chinese to ensure that we can secure as many benefits as possible for the area, as soon as possible.”

The new leader of the council also spoke about Bradwell B as a chance to put Maldon on the map and provide chances for twinning opportunities and business partnerships with fellow power station towns.

Councillor Durham added: “Plans are progressing to host a new Local Government Authority Special Interest Group meeting which would be held in Maldon next March.

“This would further reinforce our national visibility as all authorities with nuclear facilities would be represented.

“There is even talk about a twinning opportunity with a coastal town in China that has a similar power station.”