A CAMPAIGN group has described process used to dissolve the FEDs at Bradwell as an “outrage” and an “insult”.

Members of the Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) had their say on the process which saw radioactive waste dissolved in acid at the site.

Chairman, Andy Blowers said: “It is nothing short of an outrage and an insult to the Blackwater environment and communities that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) persisted despite all the signs that dissolution with nitric acid was a failing technology.”

BANNG Secretary, Varrie Blowers added: “The NDA obviously believes that the end justified the chaotic means. While FED dissolution may now have finished, it is hard to imagine that anyone can think that the FED at Bradwell has been dealt with successfully, given all the operational difficulties and the outages experienced.”

BANNG believe the reason the process has now been completed is because of the re-characterisation of the waste, rather than it being fully dealt with.

They point to only one third of Intermediate Level Waste being treated, as opposed to the full amount, with two thirds being reclassified as Low Level Waste.

Barry Turner, Vice-Chair of BANNG, said: “The Bradwell FED dissolution plant has turned out to be an expensive one-off and has been used to dissolve only one-third of the waste and not the originally expected 100 per cent.

“Less FED for storage means space will be available in the Bradwell Intermediate Level Waste store. This could open the way for the importation of yet more waste to Bradwell.”