A CAMPAIGN group fighting against a new power station at Bradwell has met with a council to reaffirm its opposition to the plans.

Representatives from the Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group held a meeting with Colchester council leader Paul Smith and deputy leader Tim Young last month.

Colchester Council has confirmed it continues to oppose a new power station at Bradwell in accordance with a motion passed unanimously by the council in February 2008.

The council has also agreed to write to the Environment Agency to support BANNG’s opposition to the latest proposals to discharge some waste into the Blackwater Estuary.

Andy Blowers, Chair of BANNG, said: "We agree that a Bradwell B would inevitably pose a threat to the environment of the Blackwater estuary, which was created a Marine Conservation Zone specifically to protect the Colchester Native Oyster.

“It would also inevitably pose a threat to the public far into the future and impose on future generations the burden of dealing with highly radioactive nuclear wastes stored on-site."

Paul Smith said: "The council continues to have grave concerns that a new nuclear reactor so close to the borough and a major population centre will also have a detrimental effect on a unique and sensitive marine environment.

"I am encouraged that we have been able to work closely with BANNG to find common cause in opposing the government's plans for Bradwell B.

“It is vital that the views of those most likely to be impacted by the proposals are given full and frank expression to inform the final decision."

Last month it was announced the Government had asked nuclear regulators to begin the process of approving a Chinese-designed reactor for a new power plant.

The China General Nuclear Power Corporation and EDF Energy submitted a joint application to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in October last year.

Tim Young added: "You really do not need a crystal ball to realise that another nuclear power station on our doorstep will bring with it an increased risk to public safety and the natural environment, which will continue to impact generations to come.

"We need to ensure the promoters of Bradwell B take our concerns seriously. Working alongside BANNG will enable us to have a stronger voice to influence policy and the final decision on whether or not to proceed with this dubious scheme."