A MOTORIST sounded the alarm after discovering a father feared dead in a main Maldon road, an inquest heard.

Daniel Brynn Pugh, 34, was discovered on the A414 at Spital Road in Maldon on Saturday, August 6 at around 11.40pm.

Mr Pugh, of Heybridge, died at the scene.

His cause of death was later determined as severe and traumatic head injuries.

It is believed he had either jumped or fallen from a bridge.

Acting Inspector Garry Hills told Chelmsford Coroner’s Court on Monday how a passer-by had flagged him and another officer down after finding Mr Pugh in the road.

Mr Hills told the inquest: “We were heading to Maldon for another incident and came to a junction at the bypass. Another vehicle was coming towards us and was flashing their lights so I stopped.

“The person driving the vehicle was shouting hysterically that there was a person in the road. She was shouting that he was dead.

“We did not know where it happened and we came to the bridge and saw a body laying upside down on the carriageway.”

The road was closed for several hours while an investigation was carried out.

Police determined there were no suspicious circumstances.

The inquest heard how Mr Pugh had a history of anxiety and had been prescribed medication by his GP.

A toxicology report found that there was no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his death.

Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray recorded an open verdict, saying there was not enough evidence to decide whether Mr Pugh’s death was an accident or suicide.

She said: “The police attended and we heard from the acting inspector there were no suspicious circumstances, no third party was involved and the death was down to traumatic head injuries. The toxicology report found nothing.

“I am going to conclude an open conclusion which means there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions.

“The court has been very much helped by what information has been returned by the family.

“He was clearly much loved by you all and it is obvious you tried to support him and help him.

“I would like to express my sympathies.”