A NEW power station at Bradwell has moved a step closer after a similar project in Somerset was given the green light.

Last year EDF Energy signed heads of terms – principles which precede a contract – with China General Nuclear Power Corporation for Bradwell B.

The Chinese firm will provide two-thirds of development costs and hopes to begin work by 2023.

Up to 25,000 jobs will be created during construction.

However in July the Government called for a review of the Hinkley Point C project, which also involves EDF and the Chinese firm which led to speculation over the future of the Bradwell project.

Now ministers have said they have reached a “new agreement” with the French energy giant, imposing “significant new safeguards” for the future. Both EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation said they were now “able to move forward and deliver” other nuclear sites, including Bradwell.

Blackwater against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) has been campaigning against a new power station, saying the site is unsuitable.

A spokesman for BANNG said: “Bradwell is the site of an irration- al and irresponsible dalliance with danger for us and the generations to follow.

“Experts have shown that nuclear is not needed and indeed it will commit the UK to an outmoded system of supply.”

But East Anglian MEP Vicky Ford, who visited Bradwell last year said she was encouraged by the news.

She said: “Nuclear will play a vital part to our long-term energy mix and is key to the UK’s energy security strategy. I am pleased to see the Hinkley deal approved which sets the scene for future progress in the East.”