FREE roaming peacocks have been rehomed after nuisance complaints from neighbours.

More than 20 peacocks, owned by Frances White, of Nipsells Farm Lodge, Mayland, have been allowed to roam around the village for several years.

However, Maldon District Council received more than 12 complaints that the birds were causing a nuisance.

A Community Protection Warning Notice was issued and the owner ordered to contain the birds by the end of July.

This was extended until the end of August after it became clear there were multiple owners.

But none of the owners came forward. Since then it is understood Ms White has rehomed 11 of the peacocks.

A spokesman for the council said: “No further owners came forward following the siting of the public notices however, the one owner the council is aware of, has taken steps and rehomed 11 of their peafowl.

“Additional steps are being taken by the owner who has agreed to document their proposals by 19 September 2016. At this stage the Council will review the proposals and decide on the best course of action going forward.”

Many Mayland residents believe the birds have caused no trouble and set up a Facebook page and launched a petition calling for the birds to stay.

Nipsells Chase resident Wendy Mason Crosbie said residents “hadn’t got a clue” about what was happening.

But she said it was becoming increasingly likely the remaining birds would have to be kept in an enclosure.