THE life of Beatrix Potter’s secret code breaker has been revealed in a new book by a Danbury author.

Andrew Wiltshire has written the book about Essex businessman Leslie Linder who spent five years breaking the code and another eight translating and publishing her words.

The famous author is believed to have invented her own secret alphabet aged 15 which she used to write in her diary.

Linder’s book was published in 1966 to much acclaim and had more than two thousand words deciphered from Beatrix’s journal.

He was the owner of an international shipping and engineering company based in the East End and at Tilbury.

Now Mr Wiltshire’s book Beatrix Potter’s Secret Code Breaker remembers Linder’s remarkable story.

Mr Wiltshire used extensive research, unique photographs and recollections of those who knew Linder to put together the book.

The book goes on release today which also marks the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth.

Mr Wiltshire said: “The example of one modest man, with the endeavour and willingness to manually look for the key to a unique code, without the aid of any Enigma-type code breaking machinery or computing help, should fill us with admiration or possibly even amazement.

“It is an achievement that may not be repeated, should a similar opportunity ever present itself.

“Leslie Linder’s life like [Beatrix’s] journal, was almost forgotten but in reading about the man who was the code breaker, you will learn his luck, perseverance and generosity I giving his discoveries away is a tale just as interesting, and significant, as that of the woman who became one of Britain’s most famous children’s writers.”

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