A HUGE decontamination project has begun at Bradwell Power Station.

An area, the equivalent of five tennis courts, has been cleared by Magnox, the company in charge of the Bradwell site.

Around 21 tonnes of metal, sand and sludge has been removed from the station’s underground storage vaults.

Scott Raish, Closure Director, said that this project will help to significantly reduce the risk of radiation in the area.

He said: “This is a real demonstration of the huge steps forward the Magnox team is making to sagely deal with the hazards at Bradwell.

“This work isn’t as obvious to see in the local areas as some of the big construction and demolition projects we have delivered, but completion represents a significant reduction in the radiological risk we are managing.”

Peter Lutwyche, Chief Operating Officer of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, said: “I congratulate Bradwell for becoming the first Magnox reactor site to empty and decontaminate all of its waste vaults.

“Not only does this ensure that Bradwell’s waste can be treated and managed safely but the learning gained will also benefit decommissioning of other sites.

“My thanks go to the Magnox team for achieving this milestone.”

Magnox will continue to monitor and manage the site.

The underground vaults will now be covered before being completely removed as part of the final site clearance in the future.