HEYBRIDGE residents say new flood protection measures are failing following severe downpours.

Residents of Wagtail Drive fear flooding risks will only increase as more housing developments come to the area.

Wagtail Drive Resident Roger Janes, 67, a former Health and Safety officer for Anglian Water, described the new defence system near the road as “pointless”.

He said: “There seems to be little difference in the water level in the ponds between when it rains heavily and when it doesn't. 

“Heybridge sits basically in a flood plain, it’s been the same for years and years.

“I do not have any problem with building houses, I understand fully that people need somewhere to live and demands can be high, but more developments to be built on a flood plain just begs belief.”

Mr James, who also worked in the fire service, said having your house flooded can be completely devastating a demoralising.

He added: “It seems people who haven’t been affected by floods just don’t understand that feeling, and with more concrete and developments, the land can’t cope.”

On Thursday last week, the Maldon District experience heavy rains early in the morning, causing many roads to flood.

The Standard reported last week that a £500,000 flood defence project was completed on Wagtail Drive, which built two water storage trenches to ease pressure from ditches.

Members of Heybridge Residents Association share the concern.

Association member Don Benson said: “The Council still insists on increasing the flooding problem by wanting in excess of 2000 new houses built in Heybridge, without the knowledge or advice from local people.

“It is a simple fact that the flooding problems Heybridge suffers from are caused by continuous neglect of the system.”

More housing developments for Heybridge are planned, including a 145 homes plan that was approved for development in land off of Broad Street.

Holloway Road resident Sue Ryall said: “The Thursday waters were hissing off a farmer's field which takes about three weeks of very heavy rain before it overflows into our road.

“This is the very same field Maldon District Council want to build almost 2,000 houses! What do they think will happen to all this access water then? Not only will it run down the road, it will run into our homes as well.”