A DEBATE into the EU referendum was held in Burnham-on-Crouch last Thursday night.

The event was hosted by St Mary’s Church, on Marsh Road, Burnham-on Crouch.

The leave side were represented in the debate by David Campbell-Bannerman, the Conservative MEP for Eastern Region Counties of England.

While the remain side were represented by former Conservative MP David Curry.

Questions were entered in advance of the debate, but neither party was allowed to see them until they were put forward to them on the night.

A range of topics were covered during the debate, from the effect on Britain’s fisherman to the impact on the environment.

Father Mark North, of St Mary’s Church, organised the event and was very pleased with the outcome of the debate.

He said: “The evening went very well. It was a very good natured and good humoured evening.

“The speakers were very good, and we managed to cover a wide range of subjects.

“We wanted to give the people of Burnham an opportunity to hear both sides of the argument from people who they interact with and put questions to.

“We gave them the chance to get behind the headlines and get the facts rather than the soundbites.”

Although this debate was set up because of the over-the-top nature of the national debates, Father Mark feels that it is only a sign of people’s passion.

“I think it just reflects the passion that people feel about the subject,” he explained.

“That is why we are seeing that sort of debate, because people feel it is so important, a once in a generation decision.

“I know people get passionate about general elections but they have a fixed term.

“If you think someone has made a mistake you can vote differently in five years’ time.

“I think the problem is that sometimes that passion can obscure the facts.”