A PETITION has been launched to fight against controversial plans to store more nuclear waste at Bradwell Power Station.

Magnox has applied to Essex County Council to remove a planning condition barring it from storing waste removed from other power plants at Bradwell.

The intermediate level waste which will be stored at Bradwell typically consists of sludge, sand, gravel and metal.

Two community events were organised to update residents in Bradwell and Mersea on the plans with around 70 people attending across both events.

But now campaign group Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group has launched a petition calling for Essex County Council to reject the plans.

The group is opposing the plans on the grounds that it would increase the amount of radioactivity that must be managed at the site and it would be a longer term move.

The petition, listed on Change.org, has already gathered more than 500 signatures.

It reads: “This proposal should be resisted for the precedent it is likely to set.

“Essex County Council clearly intended that Bradwell’s facilities should be used only for Bradwell’s waste.”

Varrie Blowers, Secretary of BANNG, said: “We can’t see any possible justification as to why Essex should drop its previous view to limit the store to only Bradwell wastes.”

Magnox has said there are plans to “share” stores in other regions and that not building additional stores would deliver safety, environmental and cost benefits.

Recladding of the two iconic reactor buildings is in its final stage, with the large tower cranes that have dominated the landscape during the last few years now removed.

This means that the two largest structures at the site are almost ready for the dormant care and maintenance stage.

A spokesman for Magnox said: "The plan follows more than three years of engagement and Magnox has recently held two public events and published information online to give local people the opportunity to find out more.

"Essex County Council will be assessing formal responses and comments from local residents as part of its assessment process."

To sign the petition visit change.org.