A CHRISTMAS tree, a laptop and bottles of unopened vodka were discovered during a litter pick on the Dengie.

More than 30 residents turned out to take part in the event in Asheldham and Dengie.

The event, which was organised by Colin Cooper Chairman of Asheldham Residents Group and councillor Adrian Fluker, has sparked concerns about people dumping their rubbish as they drive through the villages.

More than 50 bags of litter and other items were collected from verges and ditches in the two villages.

Collected items included fast food packaging, construction waste and general litter.

Other items included an unused boxed fully decorated Christmas tree, a laptop and several unopened bottles of Vodka.

Colin Cooper, Chairman of Asheldham Residents Group, said “It was great to see such a large percentage of residents from these two small villages turn out to help with the pick.

“I was disappointed at the amount of litter that we found, most of it appears to have been thrown from vehicles that pass through our villages.”

As a good will community gesture and part of the clean up Dengie Crop Driers cleared the area around their entrance in Hall Road.

Mr Fluker said: “It’s really sad that some motorists just throw their unwanted items from their cars as they drive through our villages – how they can do that without any conscience beggars belief.

“The countryside is here for everyone to enjoy and a few mindless people spoil that on regular basis.

“If anyone provides information that leads to the successful prosecution of a person for littering in our villages I will personally pay them a £250 reward for providing the information.”

Last year a litter pick in Southminster uncovered 250 empty legal high canisters sparking fears about drug taking.