A mum who has won a competition to be the face of a plussize clothing brand has pledged to tackle online “bodyshaming”.

Dental nurse Rebecca Falk, 35, of Glebe Way, Burnham, was chosen as the face of Yours Clothing’s Mother’s Day campaign after being picked out of 1,300 entrants.

After pictures of her winning photoshoot last month were shared online on Sunday, she was delighted with the response.

Rebecca, who entered the competition by sending a photo of her with children Hayden, ten, and Reese, seven, believes there is “too much” stigma attached to bigger clothes sizes.

She said: “There’s a stigma around plus-size clothing, I don’t like the stigma.

“You feel people are very quick to body-shame someone who is over average weight. All over social media you get people being nasty.

“You wouldn’t go up to someone and say ‘You have a lovely body and an average face’, would you?

“My friends and family have been awesome, it’s about coming to terms with yourself as well and I think that’s why I entered the competition.”

Rebecca’s children were thrilled with her win and asked if she was “going to be famous”.

On the day of the photo shoot, Mrs Falk had professional hair and makeup styling and was allowed to keep one outfit from the brand, which advertises itself as “fabulous fashion” for plus-size women.

Mrs Falk said: “It was a bit surreal to experience, there was a proper studio and eight people running around after us.

“They made me feel very comfortable and worthy, I was worried about not having done something like this before, but they were so lovely and put me at ease.”

The win helped her regain confidence after spending nine months on crutches last year, when discs in her back started degenerating, leaving her legs numb.

She said: “I’m just getting back on track and winning the competition was a big thing.

“I think it has given me the confidence to accept I have got to stop worrying about what other people think of me, getting the support even from people I don’t know has proved that.

“I can accept this is me and I have got to love myself.”