An administration building has been demolished in another major step towards the closure of Bradwell power station.

For more than half a century it was at the heart of Magnox’s Bradwell site, but the administration building has now been razed to the ground.

It has served as a base for thousands of staff developing their careers since the 1950s.

More than 1,200 tonnes of waste were created in knocking down the building, with 80 per cent of the spoil used to backfill a hole in the ground created when the site’s cooling water pumphouse was removed earlier in the decommissioning programme.

Site director, Scott Raish said: “By reusing the material at Bradwell we kept more than 50 lorries away from local roads and ensured we delivered the best value for the taxpayer.”

Demolition of the building, which saw more than two million hot meals served in its canteen during its lifetime, was made more complicated by more than 46 tonnes of asbestos which had to be carefully removed and sent to an appropriate facility for disposal.