A pub is more than just a place to have a drink nowadays.

One example is The Bell in Purleigh, where visitors can take part in yoga, watch a film and possibly soon learn a language.

One of its most recent projects is a cinema upstairs seating about 25 people, but they all have to bring their own chairs.

Landlady Kirsten Webb said: “We have only recently started doing this and I am trying to show films in their cultural context.

“Our current theme is Disney, so we are showing all the old 1920s and 30s films that Walt Disney and his team of animators used to watch - the romance, the horror - and then we will show Snow White on Thursday.

“We will be able to see the influences from these films in Snow White, aesthetically, stylistically.

“Then we will move on to Singing in the Rain and look at different dancers on screen and then show Gone with the Wind."

Film night starts at 8pm.

For more information about events, call 01621 828348 or email kirsten@purleighbell.co.uk