Essex's road policing officers have begun their most complex operation by moving huge wind turbine components through the district.

Over the next few weeks lorries carrying parts of 10 wind turbines will be escorted by police between the A12 and Bradwell-on-Sea, where a wind farm is being constructed.

Sections of the first tower were carried through the county on Tuesday and Wednesday and further parts will be transported when requested by contractors.

Specialist haulage contractors, who are bringing the loads from Grimsby docks, are being escorted by Essex Police officers as soon as they leave the A12 at Sandon.

The trucks then travel in convoy with an escort of officers to the construction site at Bradwell on Sea.

The towers are in three sections with the biggest load being 34 metres long and weighing 96,000kgs.

The individual blades weigh 43,000 kgs and the total length of the lorry and load is 44 metres.

Adam Pipe, manager of the Essex Police casualty reduction unit, said: "A great deal of planning and preparation has gone into this operation to ensure that the disruption to other road users is kept to a minimum.

"The loads will travel at off peak times and in daylight for safety reasons and we have plans in place to keep traffic moving on other roads when the loads slow down to negotiate trickier turns and junctions.

"We will run the convoys as and when required by the contractors and will arrange two convoys per day wherever possible.

"This is definitely the biggest and most complex series of abnormal loads we have had to deal with in Essex but there is no impact on operational policing and no additional costs because they are being met by standard private hire charges paid by the contractors.”