Steve Coogan says he could not get his teeth white enough for his new movie role.

The Alan Partridge star, 54, plays a retail magnate in the satirical film Greed.

On playing Sir Richard McCreadie, Coogan said: “I got to have a deep, deep tan and I had the whitest teeth.

“I tried to whiten them by going to the most whitening person in London and they couldn’t get them as white as these false ones.

“So I just stuck the false ones on top of mine,” he told the The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on Radio 2.

“I made Cliff Richard look like he needed to clean his teeth!” he quipped.

Ball, 49, said she has the same problem.

She said: “I get frustrated with the teeth whitening thing. Mine won’t go any whiter than this. People give me a hard time about it. I’m like, ‘They’re my teeth just deal with it.'”

In a story inspired by billionaire Sir Philip Green, Coogan plays the owner of a string of fast-fashion brands in the film.

Harry Styles and Stephen Fry were also on Ball’s Radio 2 show on Friday.