Love Island viewers said Siannise Fudge was “rude” and “snappy” after she had a pop at Nas Majeed for pronouncing her name wrong.

The pair were sitting together talking during Wednesday night’s show when Nas said Siannise’s name incorrectly.

Setting him straight, she told him: “I don’t think anyone understands how stressful it is for me when people say my name wrong.”

Fans of the ITV2 show were unimpressed with the way Siannise spoke to Nas.

“Why is Siannise talking down to him and being so rude?” one person posted on Twitter.

“Siannise or whatever her name is, is bad vibes,” said another, while one said she was “being a bit snappy”.

One tweeted: “Siannise is just so rude to Nas. Like going a bit over the top about her name.”

“Bruh i get my name mispronounced all the time but it doesn’t give me an excuse to be rude now does it,” tweeted another viewer.

One person predicted: “I guarantee when recoupling happens Siannise won’t be so picky about how Nas pronounces her name.”

Love Island continues on ITV2.