As the UK braces itself for a series of fun fright nights and pumpkin-themed parties in the run-up to Halloween, it seems even our furry friends are getting in on the act. 

Pets at Home have launched a new range of costumes especially for dogs and our canine companions can now trick or treat wearing giant spider costumes, witch’s hats, pumpkins and dragon wings. 

While many of us will be joining in this once-a-year fun, for some experiencing the supernatural is just an everyday part of the job.  

Yes, spare a comforting thought for those employed in some of the UK’s most haunted workplaces – filled with everything from ghosts to gremlins to ghouls. 

Of course, these roles are also immensely attractive to those more thrilled than chilled by the prospect of meeting things that go bump in the day and night. 

And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most haunted workplaces in the UK. 

As you’d expect it’s London that most often tops the chart for scary stories, from The Tower of London with the ghost of Anne Boleyn to Royal Drury Lane, reportedly the most haunted theatre in the world. 

There are, however, many hot spots the length and breadth of the country that have become popular with otherworldly residents.  

The Ancient Ram Inn in the village of Wooten-under-Edge, for instance, is reputed to be the most haunted B&B in England, while the Golden Fleece pub in York has Roman soldiers on parade and a wraith that follows patrons home to tug at their hair in the night.  

While hoteliers, pub managers and hospitality staff have long had to put up with non-paying guests, is it any coincidence so many customer’s sightings happen in or near the bar area? 

The fact is, ever since Rabbie Burns’ poem Tam O’Shanter, over-indulgence in the water of life has been blamed as a source of many a ghost story. 

It’s no shock then that whisky distilleries are workplaces where hauntings are almost regular – though, despite an environment full of whisky, we can assure you no drink is involved. 

Take the strange case of the Glendronach and the Spanish Ghost. When this distillery in Speyside in Scotland imported a shipment of Oloroso sherry casks in the 1970s, a stowaway was spied escaping from one. 

She was said to have been dressed in scarlet and black and wearing a full mantilla. 

Since then, there have been numerous sightings of this exotic figure in various parts of the distillery, often forewarned by the rustling of her skirts.  

However, with the Scottish whisky industry directly employing more than 10,000 people and supporting more than 40,000 jobs, not even a Spanish ghost can scare off candidates for this vibrant sector.  

As well as whisky, the UK is also world renowned for its ancient castles and cathedrals, many of which are reputed to be haunted.  

Stafford Castle, which dates back to 1070, has become infamous not only for its headless horseman but the apparition of a little girl who giggles then runs away from visitors. 

Pity the events and catering staff in such historic buildings who must factor ghost sightings into their guests’ itinerary. 

While many haunted buildings are grand monuments from the distant past, one is alive and well and a working tourist attraction. 

Alton Towers is famous for its popular theme park and every year welcomes more than 2.5 million guests. 

But did you know that Alton Castle, which was built in the Seventeenth Century, is notorious for sightings of ghostly soldiers and the phantom of a huge hound? 

Of course, 2.5 million visitors need an entire army of workers to provide a warm welcome, including guides, restaurant and bar staff and retail employees – all of whom are far from put off by ghosts to provide ‘all the fun of the fair’.  

Finally, one workplace where apparitions are often built into the brickwork is the hospital: in this curious case that’s the former Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool, which has become a mecca for ghost hunters. 

Dating back to the Victorian era, this was once home to orphans before becoming a medical hospital and mental asylum then finally closing in 1997. 

Patients are recorded as having regularly mentioned seeing children and speaking to people who weren’t there. Some brave enough to explore the abandoned corridors and rooms recently have spoken of ghosts and disembodied voices. 

The UK’s workplaces really are full of the strangest surprises! 

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