A West Midlands building at Blythe Valley Park in Solihull has been named one of the “coolest offices of the year”. 

Nottingham interior design and build specialist Paragon Interiors Group won the Gold award for its interior fit-out of PKF Cooper Parry’s Parrydise at the annual FIS Contractors Awards. 

Parrydise features a crazy golf course, artificial grass parkland, mini trampolines in breakout areas, a track to encourage walking meetings, space hoppers, bikes and a Segway track. 

There’s even a giant foam block wall that can be rearranged to form an impromptu meeting room. 

It’s not just the interior décor that makes an office truly cool. 

In a recent Best Places to Work competition, hundreds of companies in the North East of England submitted entries, with organisations scoring points for important factors such as positive staff development, community involvement, staff perks and bonuses. 

The judges also awarded points for initiatives that were aimed at looking after employees’ long-term physical and mental health. 

Coming out on top of the 50 final winners was Gateshead College, followed closely by best large company Ubisoft Reflections. 

Of course, what really makes any workplace extra-special are the people who work there and the amazing jobs they do. 

Here are just some of the coolest roles you can find right now online. 

Marketing and advertising 

These careers are dynamic and diverse and this is one jobs sector that never stays still for a moment.  

Not only must modern marketers meet the exciting challenge of harnessing the power of new forms of media and advertising, they must also use their best people and communication skills to promote campaigns and boost company profiles.  

IT Security 

Safety online, as well as server security for companies big and small, is a sector that needs IT pros with special powers. As the bad guys and girls continue to develop new ways to exploit weaknesses in information systems that UK companies, the government and individuals rely on, ethical hackers, security analysts and software developers must be able to keep up.  

What could be cooler than using your own Mission Impossible style computer hacking skills for the positive benefit of society? 

Graphic Designer 

Thanks to innovative technology, designers are able to maximise their creativity more than ever.  

And creating artwork and branding can encompass many different subjects for a huge range of diverse companies – meaning no two days will ever be the same. 

You also get to work with lots of dynamic people, such as marketing pros, copywriters and creative directors. 


Once upon a time a job in media meant becoming a reporter, specialist correspondent or editor for a newspaper. These jobs are still hugely exciting but they have been joined by many new TV channels and a range of online platforms. 

This means there are new roles available, from content writers and strategists to bloggers and social media specialists. 

If you’d like to join the coolest workplaces in the UK take a look at the hottest roles on offer on our website now.