A recent survey by Business Matters magazine found that employment opportunities abroad are becoming more available – and increasingly popular. 

Among its top 10 list of most wanted roles were medical assistant, GP, English teacher and financial analyst. 

There are, of course, many economic and social reasons for this growing trend but it also reflects a yearly cycle – a time of year when many of us would gladly swap Landundno and Rotherham for more tropical climes. 

So, if you yearn to see the world but can’t afford a fancy summer holiday, why not get a job that lets you experience new environments while you work? 

Not only will you get to tick off all the best tourist sites, you’ll experience the country in a way you can only do by working and living there. 

These are just a few of the career sectors where travel is often a big part of the job. 

Executive & Management 

One of the lures of working for a large corporation is the tantalising thought of being able to swap your Cardiff or Leeds workplace for the Shanghai office or the company headquarters in San Francisco. 

While different cultures have their own office norms, in larger companies the structure and ethos tend to be universal, which makes moving between offices fairly straightforward. 

Where there are differences, this can really help broaden your experience of working with different cultures and kinds of people and therefore boost your future employability. 


The opportunity to teach English as a second-language has allowed thousands of Brits to travel the globe and get a feel for living in far-flung destinations.  

The best known companies that offer this are TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) and JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) but there are plenty of others.  

There can be no greater joy than knowing you have taught a class of Vietnamese children to speak perfect English with a Cardiff or Geordie accent. 

Aside from teaching English, there are other opportunities to teach a wide variety of subjects overseas. If you land a job in academia as lecturer or professor, there is always the chance of getting a sabbatical to an overseas university to teach your speciality and expand your own expertise. 


Skilled nurses are always in demand in pretty much every country and this makes nursing a great skill to travel with. 

Following formal training, and after clocking up experience in a hospital setting, nurses can use their skills as a passport to travel the globe.  

The use of agency or “bank” nurses, who offer vacancies online, means applying to work overseas is a far more straightforward process than many other jobs. 


Have you ever seen Ice Road Truckers? If it’s adventure that you seek, a driving job abroad will certainly tick that box. 

Driving jobs can include a whole host of roles, including working in a tourist area as a coach driver or delivering cars to buyers living in different countries.  

Driving is obviously a great way to see the world, so long as you are mindful of the different rules of the road. 

For example, if driving in the US you’ll realise in addition to driving on the right, they are not big fans of roundabouts and undertaking is perfectly acceptable. 

Goodbye M1, hello Route 66! 

You can expand your horizons with far reaching career choices online now.