Summer jobs boost

WOW Air is looking to hire two travel guides for what promises to be the ultimate summer job.
The airline is offering a three-month gig exploring some of its 38 destinations across Europe and North America.
These include a city break in Paris and a sightseeing tour of New York.
For those who prefer to spend their summer closer to home – but still want to enjoy fun at work – Adventure Dock, Liverpool’s newest tourist attraction, is seeking lifeguards to join 15 members of staff after 1000 visitors flocked to the opening of its inflatable watercourse.
These are just two of the best summer jobs available right now and, while not everyone will get to experience worldwide travel or splash about in theme parks, there are opportunities galore when summer arrives – and companies across the UK get busy hiring seasonal staff.
This recruitment drive is needed to meet the demand brought about by school holidays and increasing numbers of visitors and tourists – and it brings an incredibly diverse range of job opportunities.
A summer job is a great way to try something new or build on current skills.
So, while everyone else is thinking about organising holidays, you could grab a seasonal job that offers extra cash, flexible hours and the chance to meet new people and gain work experience.
The vacancies are ideal for students, school leavers, recent retirees or parents working around child care commitments.
Most of the positions also offer great flexibility, with full-time roles joined by part-time positions and temporary posts.

As tourists flock to the UK from all over the world, hotels, restaurants and bars receive an influx of new customers.
It’s the job of hotel receptionists, waiting staff and housekeeping to make sure their welcome is as warm as it can be.
Land a job in hospitality this summer and not only will you get to meet people from all over the world but you’ll enjoy a sociable and rewarding role.
And interacting with so many guests also boosts your people skills for future roles.

Bartending isn’t just about pouring pints, being a kitchen assistant is much more than washing dishes and serving lunches is not just about taking customers’ orders.
Go for a catering role on s1jobs and you’ll be joining a sector that builds your knowledge, boosts your confidence and improves your communication skills.
The hours can be long but they’re also flexible – and the best bit is you get to show off your passion for food and drink.

Taking on the role of admin assistant not only offers financial rewards, it helps train and develop skills, including bookkeeping and communication, while building your confidence in the workplace.
What better way to spend the holiday season than getting paid to meet new people, boost work-based talents and expand your horizons?

Retail is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK and also one of the busiest when it comes to seasonal recruitment. From large department stores to small boutiques, managers need dedicated sales assistants to help with summer shoppers.
Whether it’s fashion or DIY, a retail role can see you share your passion and help an organisation grow.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of a summer job, you can find all of the latest vacancies online.