THE Great Bentley half-marathon saw a great club debut at the distance for Tiptree Road Runner Adam Richardson.

He ran one hour 27 minutes 49 seconds to take 74th place in a field of over 600.

There were personal bests for Valerie Rees, who took two minutes off her previous mark, with a run of 1h 46m 51s and Jo Roblin, whose time of 2h 2m 58s was an improvement of over seven minutes.

Simon Morgan finished just outside the top 100 in 1h 31m 41s, followed by Paul Dellar (1h 33m 28s), Jamie Fairfull (1h 38m 10s) and Richard Liles (1h 41m 37s).

Martin Avent finished in 1h 47m 40s, with Ian Cullum making his club debut in 1h 48m 7s and Richard Garrett whose run of 1h 55m 45s was a welcome return after a serious injury at last year’s event kept him out for most of the season.

Joanne Dickman finished in 2h 14s, followed by Chris King in 2h 30s and Dawn Shilling in 2h 21m 31s.