THREE members of Dengie 100 Runners took part in the Langham 10k, on Sunday.

The race, organised by Friends of Langham School, started and finished at the Langham Community Centre and followed mainly quiet lanes through Constable country.

Generally the course was flat, although there were a couple of small hills to contend with.

The event was very well organised, with marshals standing at all the key turns, sending runners in the correct direction.

Kelvin Fleuty finished with a personal best for a 10k race with a time of 48 minutes and 22 seconds, followed by Carly Stevenson in a time of 53m 47s.

Richard Carvey finished in a time of 57m 22s.

Also pictured with his finishing medal is Simon Baker, from Tiptree Road Runners, who finished in a time of 47m 8s.

Also in action was Richard See, who made the long trip to Newcastle to take part in the Great North Run.

He sustained a wasp sting in the leg just before the race but still managed to complete it in 2h 4m 1s.