A BRAND new enterprise centre to help boost business could be coming to Maldon if cash is secured.

Maldon District Council are finalising a bid to Magnox to be granted the funding for the centre which will help businesses in the district launch and survive.

Council leader, Mark Durham, described the plans as a “key focus” for the council over the coming year.

During his leader’s speech at a meeting of full council last Thursday, Mr Durham highlighted the importance of businesses in the area.

He said: “Another key focus over the year will be creating a package to promote the Maldon district as a place of choice to start and grow a business.

“The council plans to increase small business unit space, increase employment and improve business survival rates by coordinating the delivery of an Enterprise Centre.

“The team is currently in the process of finalising a bid to the Magnox Socio Economic Grant Fund to provide a detailed business case to assess viability of such a centre.

“The deputy leader and I have already had several meetings to explore other business led initiatives to progress the project.”

A similar project was in operation in Burnham for two years until it was forced to close after issues arose over funding.

Dengie Enterprise Support, was set up in March 2015 and funded through a Magnox grant, but was closed in May while the council awaited the decision from Magnox on whether or not funding would continue for another two years.

Promoting businesses in the district is a key focus for the council this year.

In June, more than 30 businesses attended an event to celebrate the relaunch of Burnham’s Chamber of Commerce.

The event was attended by Councillor Penny Channer, chairman of the council’s planning and licencing committee. She said: “The council is committed to economic development in the area and we want to make the Maldon district a great place to live and to do business.

“Events such as these allow people to network and build connections.

The chamber is a great resource for local entrepreneurs and a key partner for the council.”

Fiona Marshall, chief executive of the council said: “The council is committed to creating opportunities for economic growth and prosperity in the Maldon district. The creation of an Enterprise Centre would support this objective and the council is working closely with its partners to assess viability.

“Presently the Council’s Economic Development Team is finalising a bid to provide a detailed business case for such a centre. This business case would consider the most advantageous location and scale of the centre.”