MALDON Croquet Club's East of England Croquet Federation League season opened with a match played between two of their teams - Maldon Pavilion and Maldon Lakeside.

The match at Forrester Park Golf Club saw the Pavilion side as the winning team on the occasion.

In the match-opening doubles, the Pavilion's Pete Howe and Chris Joslin won their match against Peter Marven and Jill Joslin 7-3.

However, Lakeside won the other doubles 7-5, with Mary Burd and Colin Becket winning against Neil Clark and Joan Fairclough.

The singles games went to Pavilion 11-5.

Team captain Chris Joslin won all of his four single matches, with a very close match against his wife Jill as he just triumphed by seven points to six.

That gave a final score of 12-6 to the Pavilion team.