EURO Car Parts announced a working partnership with automotive industry charity, BEN, during a new store opening in Thurrock.

The leading UK distributor of quality parts announced the partnership during the new store opening in West Thurrock on Wednesday, August 20.

As well as suppliers and customers, the VIP guests included the MP for Thurrock, Jackie Doyle-Price, Mayor, Steve Liddiard, and BEN’s Chief Operating Officer, Nigel Rothband.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “It is great to see new businesses opening in Thurrock. Being so close to the M25 it is London’s best-kept secret.

It is also great to hear about Euro Car Parts’ association with BEN. They do a lot of important work and I was especially impressed by their approach to dementia, which is a big challenge facing the UK.

We are all living longer and BEN makes sure that peoples’ last years are as comfortable as possible.”

Mr Liddiard added: “This new Euro Car Parts branch has created 18 full time jobs, with the potential for more.

“It is good news for Thurrock and its residents. Their partnership with BEN is to be applauded.

“If you can make profit but also have a caring manner and support charities then you are doing something really special.”