A MUM is furious after her 11-year-old son was refused a place on a school bus, even after she offered to pay.

Ryan Baycroft, of Third Avenue, West Thurrock, is due to start at Ormiston Park Academy, in Nethan Drive, Aveley, next week.

MumKerri, 29, said she had only applied to Ormiston, which is about four miles from her home, after being told her son would get a place on the school bus.

She said: “I was not told there were criteria, so I put it down as my first choice.

“I was then told that to get a free place on the bus you have to earn less than £16,000, but my partner and I both work. I even offered to pay towards a seat.”

But Mrs Baycroft was told Ryan had not got a place on the bus and he would have to use public transport.

According to Thurrock Council, Ryan is not entitled to free travel because he lives closer to two other schools – Harris Academy Chafford Hundred and Hathaway Academy, in Grays.

Mrs Baycroft said: “I was devastated. It’s just not right.

We were told one thing and then something completely different.

“I don’t drive, somy son will have to take the bus and he’s absolutely petrified.”

Mrs Baycroft’s friend, Tracey Draper, has found herself in a similar situation after her daughter Chloe, who is also due to start at Ormiston, was also refused a place.

Mrs Draper, of Park Avenue, said: “My son was given a place last year so we thought Chloe would get a place too. She has a sight disability and will not be able to take public transport alone.”

Both families have been advised to re-apply for a seat by October – but both pupils will need to travel to school by public transport throughout September.