A music lover, who set up a recording and tuition studio for unsigned artists, has less than three weeks' notice to set up a stage at V Festival.

Marc Lincoln-Fargeot, 37, of Avocet Way, Heybridge, is the founder and managing director of A.T Music, based in Rettendon.

He has been trying to persuade the festival, which runs from today until Sunday to have an unsigned stage for years.

He said: “We want to show off local talent, unsigned acts are still good enough to be at any festival.

“The stage we have at V Festival is a pretty big set up, the artists are stoked to be playing on it.”

The A.T Music Stage is in ‘The Village’ section of the festival.

The star acts are Kieran Eldridge and James Graham, whom Mr Lincoln-Fargeot tip for big things.