The Met office has issued an amber warning for Maldon and is predicting thunder and hail tonight.

According to the Met's latest update for the East of England this evening and tonight: "Some clear spells at first, but outbreaks of thundery rain will develop by midnight, with some localised torrential downpours and with hail mixed in.

"Feeling warm and muggy overnight. Minimum Temperature 18C.

"Saturday: Thundery rain should soon clear the west and northwest of the area in the morning with sunny spells developing, but further thunderstorms are likely by mid-afternoon. Feeling hot and humid. Maximum Temperature 29C.

"Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

"Further thundery rain or showers likely on Sunday. Bright or sunny spells on Monday and Tuesday and just the small chance of the odd shower. Staying warm or very warm."

Essex weatherman Tom Defty said: "There's an almighty storm over France and it's got our name on it."