A pensioner suffering from dementia has missed two hospital appointments after late or inadequate transport was sent to collect her by ERS Medical.

Edna Saward, 67, of New Moor Close, Southminster was due to attend an appointment at Broomfield Hospital on June 23 at 1pm.

Richard Saward, 69, said: “She was ready and the transport never arrived.

“They didn’t ring to let us know.

“They then left us a message saying they were going to be too late to get her to the appointment and they had rearranged an appointment for her.”

Mrs Saward had another appointment at Broomfield Hospital on June 26 for which ERS Medical sent inadequate transport.

Mrs Saward missed two appointments in three days and without Mr Saward contacting Broomfield they may have found themselves taken off the appointment list.