Brownies have been left ‘very upset’ after 100 saplings they planted last year were attacked and destroyed by vandals.

The 120 saplings were donated to the village by the Woodland Trust last year and were planted by the 1st Bradwell Brownies and Rainbows in October last year.

Steve Tachauer, 61, of Blackberry Grove, chair of the parish council, has condemned the vandalism as ‘wicked’.

He said: “We were donated the saplings and the Brownies planted them very nicely in the village hall playing fields, past the football pitch.

“There were 120 and now all but 30 have been snapped, broken and cut.

“It’s too many of them for it to be an accident.

“We would like to hear who might have done this.

“The Brownies are very upset, the trees have been completely destroyed.”