A former police officer has published a new autobiography which urges the Government to change its policing strategy to prevent anarchy.

George Raven, 84, who lived in Maldon and now lives in Costa Calida, Spain, has released his diaries from his time as an officer in Clacton and Colchester.

Swimming Against the Tide follows the years from when he joined Essex Police in 1953 until he retired from the force in 1983.

Mr Raven said: “Politicians pass more and more laws, dream up more and more regulations and issue more and more directives to the police, to tie their hands and make enforcing the good and the ridiculous laws they pass an almost impossible task.

“This book has two distinct sides - the first half walks readers through my career and shares all of the people, situations and challenges I met along the way.

“The second half then turns into a dramatic expose about the state of current policing and what I think needs to be done to save it.”

Swimming Against the Tide, published by Mereo Books, is available to buy on Amazon.