Bradwell's real-life witch says witchcraft isn't all about evil old crones.

Fifty-year-old Sheena Cundy, who lives in East End Road, describes herself as a “sister of the craft” and has been practising witchcraft for 10 years.

The modern-day witch, who dresses in gothic clothing from day to day, reads tarot cards, practises divination and is part of a spiritual circle who try and contact the dead.

In 2008 she even married husband Ian in a special pagan ceremony in a Mayland field, which traditionally sees the hands of the couple fastened together cords while the vows are made.

She was officially married months before at a registry office in Chelmsford, because her ‘witch’s wedding’ ceremony was not legally recognised.

The former St Peter’s High School pupil, who works as a horse riding instructor, said: “I suppose it all started with reading the tarot cards since I was a teenager."

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