A PLAN for the future of policing in Essex has been revealed.

Essex’s police and crime commissioner Nick Alston has published the first draft of his plan for Essex.

And he is hoping residents tell him what they think before the final plan is ratified next month.

In it Mr Alston sets up eight priorities. They include ensuring each part of Essex is considered independently so local solutions can be found for local problems.

He wants to help reduce domestic abuse, youth offending, the causes and consequence of drug and alcohol abuse.

Also to improve crime prevention, work more closely with other forces, offer greater support to victims and improve road safety.

He said: “As the first police and crime commissioner for Essex, my overriding objective is simple: I want to ensure that crime continues to fall in our county so that there are fewer victims of crime.”

Among the ways he hopes to make improvements is to raise council tax contributions.

He said: “The only way I can seek to secure funding is through lifting what we pay through council tax to more responsible levels. I don’t feel that we in Essex should be proud of paying less through council tax for our police than any other county in England and Wales.”