Police have issued a warning following reports of people receiving phone calls from bogus computer repairers.

Reports have been received of people receiving unexpected calls asking for money after carrying out work on computers.

Crime prevention officer Peter Caulfield, said: "The people who carry out these bogus calls can sound very authentic and convincing. But please remember to challenge anyone who phones you unexpectedly.

"Do not agree to pay for a problem you weren’t even aware you had, or download any programs as they may contain viruses and be aware that these programs could give the caller full access to your computer.

"These scams vary and include; someone telling you there's a virus on your computer, refund of overpaid bank charges, offering a loan against prepayment, or, an inheritance from a long lost relative, to name just a few.

"The people targeted are often the elderly and vulnerable. If you receive such a call, speak to a family member or a trusted friend first, or call police.

"Be careful about personal information, as some callers already seem to have basic details about you, perhaps gained from forms you have previously filled in or insecure web-sites you have visited.

"Don’t give out any further personal information or money, just take their full details and contact numbers and terminate the call. Often scammers will hang up when you start asking for contact details. Always allow yourself more time to look into it and seek advice.”

Anyone concerned can call police on 101, Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or visit actionfraud.police.uk