Major pieces of equipment have been dismantled at Bradwell’s nuclear power station.

Four 17 metre-tall charge machines used to refuel the nucleur reactors have been dismantled as part of the site’s decommissioning stage.

At least 1300 tonnes of redundant equipment have been removed from the nucleur reactor so far and it is estimated that a total of 3,000 tonnes of equipment will be removed as part of the project.

Mike Gull, Site Director, said: “Whilst we’re delighted to be making such good progress in this project.

“There’s a very nostalgic feeling amongst the team as we dismantle such an important part of the site’s, and the UK’s, nuclear heritage.

“In some ways it’s fitting that the UK nuclear industry led the world in bringing the first generation of nuclear reactors on-line, now we’re leading the way in decommissioning and hazard reduction.”