A former serviceman has offered his support to Arctic Convoy veterans after he and his comrades overcame their own battle for recognition.

Bill Farley, of Burnham, who spent seven years in the Royal Navy, was among those who took crucial supplies to the Soviet Union during the Second World War Arctic Convoys.

But, unlike Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America, the UK Government will not allow Mr Farley and other veterans in this country be presented with the Ushakov Medal by the Russian Federation because it would break rules.

Mr Farley, 90, of Welland Road, had questioned that stance, and now another former serviceman has weighed in and urged the Arctic Convoy heroes not to give up their fight.

Geoff Charge, of Chestnut Close, Burnham, is a veteran of the conflict in Malaya in the 1950s and 60s when British and Commonwealth forces fought against a revolt.

He and his comrades, although allowed to receive the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal from the King and Government of Malaysia, were not intially given formal approval to wear it, unlike veterans from other Commonwealth countries.