OUSTED Clacton Ukip candidate Roger Lord has quit politics after being sidelined for Douglas Carswell.

Mr Lord, a farmer from Weeley Road, Great Bentley, was set to fight Mr Carswell at next year’s General Election until the shock defection.

Mr Carswell quit as Tory MP triggering a by-election, for which he has been selected to stand for Ukip by the party’s national executive committee.

Mr Lord said he is intending to resign from Ukip and as county councillor for Brightlingsea yesterday.

He said: “I wish Gary Scott, the local county council Liberal candidate, the best of luck in the forthcoming election.”

In a letter to Joanna Killian, chief executive of Essex County Council, he added: “Recent political events in Clacton have changed my personal circumstances in political terms.

“This has invoked an aspiration to enact an opportunity that emerged some time ago to move on to pastures new.”

David Finch, the Conservative leader on Essex County Council, claimed Mr Lord’s resignation means Ukip is in a state of “chaos” in Tendring.

He said: “This just proves that UKIP are in complete disarray in Essex and their one trick pony policies are starting unravel as they fall out amongst themselves.

“This will be a bitter blow to their Clacton campaign and the wheels are off the Carswell bandwagon."

Jamie Huntman, leader of the Ukip group on the county council, said: “With regards to Roger Lord, sometimes in life we have to put our personal differences aside for the greater good.

“Our goal must be Westminster.

“David Finch should join us if he wants to address the concerns of the people of Essex.

“His suggestion that we have one trick pony policies completely disregards the people’s concerns on immigration and Europe and is why the Tories are filled with politicians who are all career and no conviction.

“Our support and membership in Essex continues to grow at the same rate the Conservatives is plummeting.”