A soldier racially abused a taxi office worker after he was refused a cab because he was too drunk.

Private Colin Ward, 23, had been drinking with friends at Colchester Garrison before going into town.

He attempted to get a taxi back to Merville Barracks at 1am, but was told to leave the minicab office, in Osborne Street, Colchester, by Asad Khan because he was too drunk.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard Ward became abusive, shouting at Mr Khan: “Go back to Afghanistan. Go back to your own country.

“I am British and I was born over here.”

Emma Howson, prosecuting, said: “The incident has upset and also angered Mr Khan.

“He was simply doing his job and he feels really bad because he has never been abused racially in this way before.”

In court yesterday, Ward said: “I would just like to say I am very sorry, it is not the way I normally act.”

Ward’s commanding officer told the court the offence was completely out of character.

The court was told Ward would be subject to disciplinary action from the Army.

Magistrates ruled out the possibility of a community service sentence because it would not be feasible to fit it around the his military schedule.

Ward, of Paignton, Devon, admitted making racially aggravated threats on May 31 this year, and was fined £240 and £85 costs.