THIEVES targeted four vehicles in one night in Southminster.

Thousands of pounds worth of clothes, jewellery and personal items were stolen from the cars, which were all left insecure.

The spate of thefts happened overnight between Wednesday and Thursday last week.

Thieves stole £75 worth of personal items from a Ford Galaxy in North End Road.

More than £700 worth of designer clothes and sunglasses was also stolen from a Chrysler motor vehicle in the same road.

Jewellery, cash and a mobile phone, amounting to more than £600, were also stolen from a Honda Jazz in North Street.

Thieves also stole glasses worth £250 from a Chrysler motor vehicle in Buttercup Way between 2:30am and 5:30am on the Thursday morning.

Police believe the thefts are all linked.

Sgt Perry Land said: “We had a similar spell of thefts from vehicles in Southminster and Burnham a few months back.

“The important thing is to not make it easy for the thieves.

“They are not causing any damage, they are just going into cars that are left unlocked.”

Anyone with information should contact police in 101.